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by Theresa Lee,

“I am so grateful for the ALS in my life over the past eleven years. It has taken me on an amazing journey that I would have never thought possible or envisioned. When I received my diagnosis in 2002, it started me on a search into the realms of nutrition, herbal therapies, energetic healing, mind study, eastern practices and philosophy, spirituality and quantum physics. I did not always feel this way especially during the many dark nights of the soul. But as the years went by and events unfolded in my life, I began to appreciate the life lessons ALS was teaching me, my family and friends.

Prior to being stricken with ALS, I was the typical super woman managing several 207747_1818069784390_1619496305_1809907_4946133_nbusinesses while raising a family and juggling school, church and social activities on a very hectic schedule. I was super busy, super stressed and super tired, hallmarks of a chronic overachiever. Then thankfully, I got a wake up call from ALS. I realized now, nothing else would have gotten my attention and made me slow down.”

“ALS gives only a small window of time for the person to do their own research. Sometime in 2008, my arms became too heavy to use my laptop or write. I could whisper one letter at a time to my caregiver but it was an arduous task for both of us. So I focused on doing guided meditations and an audio book titled, A Course in Miracles. It was a course in mind training and teaches many new concepts including our thoughts creates our reality and our health. The course spoke of love and forgiveness in a new light that would change my life in the way I think and see the world.”

“As for me, my holistic lifestyle has extended my lifespan beyond the expected two to five years and improved the quality of my life. I don’t require the usual accessories for ALS, no feeding tube, respirator,drugs, water thickener or lifts. I enjoy excellent health, no doctor visits in years, and drug free. My spasticity has given way to extreme flexibility, breathing has improved and coughs disappeared. I am an organic vegetarian which has given me reverse aging and a glowing flawless skin. Robert and I are closer and happier than ever in our twenty two years of marriage along with our two sons, Justin and Alex. They say gratitude is the most important emotion for healing apart from love. I know deep in my heart ALS will soon depart from my body when it has accomplished all it came to teach me and have me do in this lifetime and for that I am truly grateful.”

I Ramble … I’m Convinced ALS patients are in need of a new approach, one more tangible than HOPE.